About Me

My Background


I started taking photos when I was young, just using my family's small digital camera. I took pictures of anything that looked interesting, or hobbies I was interested in. It wasn't until I got to high school, that I fell in love with photography. I took classes in high school and purchased a real camera,  My passion for photography took off from there. I enjoy meeting new people and the amazing opportunity to take photos. Now I am trying to make my living off of what I fell in love with.



Day to day life for me involves working at a local coffee shop and spending time with others. When I'm not doing that, I am taking photos. I also enjoy playing Frisbee, long boarding, running, and computers.



My goal as a photographer is to eventually have my own business. In the middle of that, I want to be able to connect with people, develop photos for people who need them, share stories through my work, and express myself through photography.

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